Video Tutorials

Check out these video tutorials for helpful tips and tricks for blending your classroom.

Getting Started with Google Classroom

There are many digital classroom platforms out there, but perhaps Google Classroom is the most common. And now it is way easier for everybody to use--you're school system no longer has to have G Suit for you to get an account!

5 Tips for Blending Your Classroom

These tips will help you get started blended today!

The Station Rotation Model 

Try this simple 3-3-3 model for using stations in your blended classroom.

Using Google Forms

Watch this tutorial to learn how to make your Google Forms dynamic and self-grading! Update: Google Forms now has a quiz option, saving you the step of adding on Flubaroo. Find out how to use it here. This video still has useful tips about adding images, video, and greating guided formative assessment.

Use Screencastify and Flip!

Screencastify is user-friendly and free. Try it in your classroom to flip, create visual directions, or self-guided notes.

Turning in Pen and Paper Work with a Chromebook

My students were adept at turning in pen and paper work on an IPad, but Chromebooks are trickier. Never fear--it can be done!

How To Use

LearningApps is a free website that teachers can use to create all kinds of engaging resources for their classroom. This tutorial will help you get started today!

How To Type in Presentation Mode in PowerPoint

Wake up your presentations and games with this simple (but little known) feature in PowerPoint.

Set Custom Start and End Times For YouTube Videos

Learn how to show only the snips of YouTube videos that you want your students to see with this simple tool.

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