Helpful Posts

Getting Started

These posts will help you get started with blending your classroom, especially if you are implementing Google Classroom. They let you know how to get started and troubleshoot some common problems. They also discuss various models and methods for blending, blended classroom management, and more!

Google Classroom Hacks

I wrote these posts as part of a Google Classroom Hacks countdown series. Check them out if you're looking new things to do in Google Classroom.

Be 1:1 Ready

This 1:1 Ready series will help you navigate Google Forms, flip with screencastify, and teach students about the importance of digital citizenship. These were posted before Google Forms added the quiz feature, but I have a post about that later on!

Blended Classroom Tips and Tricks

This Blended Classroom Tips and Tricks series discusses everything from managing a blended classroom to using new Google Classroom and Forms updates to their fullest!

Spring Tech Tips

This is a series of quick and simple classroom tech tips perfect for the spring. You know the spring--that time of year when it's gorgeous outside and the students have already checked out for summer break (and the teachers are trying hard not to).  It's the best time to refresh with uncomplicated tech to keep everybody focused!

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