Google and OneDrive Resources

These resources are available to help you on your blended classroom journey. The Google Slides resources work similarly to hyperdocs (which are phenomenal). Hyperdocs are interactive and multimedia, a "21st century worksheet" (Google Teacher Academy, 2014).

I like Google Slides for these interactive activities much better, though--the students can type on them and drag and drop, but they cannot edit the instructions or other important information.

Another benefit of slides over hyperdocs is that when students type on the slides, the formatting does not change, so they are much easier to grade--if you are looking for a particular thing, it will always be on the same page.

You can also print these items, if you desire. Most resources (except for the interactive task cards and flash cards) fit perfectly onto standard paper.

Here are some activities for Google Classroom and OneDrive that I've created so far:

Google and OneDrive Resources for Every Classroom

Use these ready-to-go exit tickets for formative assessment at the end of each lesson to gauge student understanding. They are also perfect for your own record-keeping and data collection efforts.
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Students' understanding the permanence of their online behavior has become increasingly vital.Teach your students about digital citizenship with this interactive video web quest that asks them to watch short films regarding the consequences of social media usage, answer prompts, and to reflect on their own digital footprints.
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These Vocabulary Task Cards offer a wide variety of choices for students building vocabulary for any subject. Video instructions are linked directly to the cards, and digital worksheet templates and tracking sheets are included for students to use to complete the assignments.
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This bundle of three games for Google Classroom and OneDrive makes a great addition to any content area. Use them to review vocabulary or learning content as a whole class or in small groups.
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Google and OneDrive Resources for World History

The best deal for these interactive world history activities is this growing bundle. Buy it now, and you get all future resources at no additional cost. It is chock-full of vocabulary activities, self-guided notes, source analysis, and more!
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If you don't want the commitment of the Growing Bundle, just click on the images below to check out the individual activities contained within it so far.

Google and One Drive Resources for ELA

This Word Parts Bundle is very popular with ELA teachers as an interactive, paperless way to teach students word parts. The package contains flash cards with mnemonic pictures for easy learning, drag and drop activities for practice, and self-grading Google Forms Quizzes for assessment.
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More Google and OneDrive ELA resources coming soon!

Google and OneDrive Resources for Sociology

These are the early days of my sociology activities for Google and OneDrive. Get in on the ground floor by getting the Growing Bundle at a rock-bottom price. As I add more resources, you will have access to them at no additional charge!
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Here are the individual resources. Just click on the images to check them out!

Google and OneDrive Seasonal and Holiday Resources

This is a growing section in my store. Right now, there's only one item. It's perfect for Black History Month, but it can certainly be used year-round as an overview of the civil right's movement in the United States.

Google and One Drive Resources for Psychology

Coming soon!

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