The Blended Classroom Course

Is your school integrating technology, and you don’t know where to begin? Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of changing ALL of your lessons? Then a blended classroom is probably for you.

Blended learning is mindfully combining digital with traditional instruction in such a way that it allows students to at least partially control their own learning. This type of learning is generally implemented at the district or the school level. 

This course will enable the teacher to incorporate true blended learning at the classroom level.

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This is a practical, thorough, organized course that will allow you to blend like a pro from day 1, even if you are a technology novice. The course includes:

- Nearly two hours of practical video instruction, including tutorials in essential technology tools and blended learning models
- A 54 page accompanying handbook including:
**An overview of the course to use as a reference, with picture tutorials
**8 note pages to help you work through important points of blending
**A guide for Moving Google Drive Resources to Top Ed APPS 
- 10 pages of digital templates for your classroom that provide organizational formats for you to plug in content and assign to your students:
**Station Rotation Template
**Flex Model Template
**Blended Unit Table of Contents Template

This course is self-paced, so watch it all at once, or print out the note sheets and take it in a section at a time, pausing along the way to reflect on how you will use the resources in your own classroom. Use the handbook as a reference and come back to the video as often as you like.

Engage your students and impress your administrators with these techniques for using technology meaningfully in your lessons.
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